Have you ever heard a song by the Sea?

Made of power, colors, history, tragedy and hope, this salty expanse delivers a visionary world by a huge amount of inputs. As a common experience, the sound of the waves can easily fills thoughts and fetch undefined feelings of completeness, so we wanted to dig the emotive roots by isolating and enhancing the cells of this primordial link with the water. As explorers, set sail to reach a new land and gather with the spirit of the ancient travelers, moving by the wind on a sailboat with the clatters of navigation. As sailors, follow this research in an immersive experience of moving through the waves by selected and finished sounds that matter. While the voice of nature could be interesting but cannot convey a specific message, we introduce the concept of intention in the communication, with the purpose of arranging sounds in a more intelligible language. From the destructured pattern of the soundscape to the interplay of musicians with the environment; This will drive the spectators from a visual anchor to the offshore domain of the experience, setting the first – and hopefully not last – mile of the journey.

Fair winds and following sea

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Sound Sculptures
steel sheets, trasducers

Sonic workshop
BAM, Milano

Onde Sonore Exhibition
Il Ghetto, Cagliari

Open space parcour
BAM, Milano